Our Magical Universe

Written by Amy Stout

On August 31, 2021

The Universe is Magical

I’ve always been a spiritual person. I followed Leo Buscaglia in the 80’s 😝

As time went on, I followed Marianne Williamson and Dr Wayne Dyer in the 90’s.

In the mid-90’s, Marianne Williamson’s ‘A Return to Love’ helped me with a boyfriend. I knew things weren’t going well and I was more invested than he. I was doing EVERYTHING in my power to control the situation and make it work out as I wanted. Marianne spoke of surrendering to God/the Universe/Spirit/Source. It was the first time I’d heard about this practice. I took her advice…I surrendered the relationship to God/the Universe/Spirit/Source. About a week later we broke up. And it was truly for the best. I needed to take the time and discover who I was and what I truly wanted. Instead of being so concerned with how this man felt about me.  <SPOILER ALERT> After about 2 months, we reconnected and found ourselves back together. The relationship was very different – I had boundaries and he accepted them. We’ve been married now for 22 years.

Dr Wayne Dyer’s book, ‘The Power of Intention’, completely changed my life in the early 2000’s.

At the time I listened to ‘The Power of Intention’, I was unhappy in my corporate job and didn’t have much of a poker face at work. I focused on how miserable I was, my long commute, that I wouldn’t find another job and I’d be stuck. Have you heard “Energy flows where my intention goes.”?

With ‘The Power of Intention’ I learned how to be a kinder, more accepting soul. How to be receptive and accept help – one thing I wasn’t very good at. In fact, one time when out to lunch with my in-laws and my baby, I was pushing the stroller, struggling with the diaper bag, my purse, and probably something else, my father in law asked if he could help. I said, ‘no i’ve got this’. He said to me, ‘why do you choose to make things difficult?’

I learned that I have no control over anything; a reminder of the important lesson on surrendering to the Universe. When I hand over my situations to the Universe, I can trust that there is unlimited abundance available to me. And abundance is not only in the form of money, but also in the form of resources, opportunities, friends, love, joy!  

Every time I thought about how much I disliked my job, I rephrased it.  Thank you, Universe, for my job.  I am ready to move on and I’m handing all details over to you.  With grace and gratitude, I thank you.

With that mindset (one of gratitude and surrender), along with being open to what came across my path, I found a job with a 15 minute commute (vs 90 minutes) for the same pay! Thanks Universe.

The messages from these spiritual leaders/authors are all related. Trust God and the Universe. Relax, because I’m not in control and leave it all up to God/Universe/Spirit/Source. I felt comforted and that I was being taken care of.

Enter ‘The Universe Has Your Back’

As life goes, I became caught up in my day-to-day goings on and my spiritual practice fell off. Fast forward to one of the hardest times in my life when my husband and I were in a dark place in our marriage. I saw a friend of mine at work reading a book that looked interesting, ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ by a new (to me) spiritual leader/author Gabrielle Bernstein.

That’s exactly what I needed at that time – to dive back into my spiritual practice. It helped take the focus off the hurt and pain I was experiencing and reminded me that there is something bigger for me to lean into.

I followed Gabby on all social media, listened to her YouTube videos during my work commute, and devoured every word she said.  Look at my book!

I learned about manifesting from her.

From Google…”manifestation is bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief, i.e. if you think it, and it will come. … via your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and emotions.”


Gabby shared all the things she manifested…her books, her business, her husband and I thought I want some of that! 

I read all about manifesting, I worked hard at it. I was impatient – WHY wasn’t I receiving the results i wanted? How come all these other people in Gabby’s FaceBook groups are able to manifest?

I worked to manifest $.

A new job (again!)

A new house

My own business

An improved relationship with my husband

I focused on getting these things.

I didn’t think about how I can serve or help others.

Guess what?  I didn’t experience progress.

Others suggested visualizing these wonderful things happening.

Feeling the way I’ll feel when these things come to fruition.

I had a hard time with that because I didn’t know what that meant – what it felt like to have these desires become reality.

All I knew how to feel was to want something.  Per The Law of Attraction, because I focused on wanting something, I will attract more wanting in my life.  

During this time (mid-2017), I wrote on a post-it note:

I am so very grateful to work at a successful, financially stable company with kind, smart people, earning a good salary, while having a flexible schedule.

That post-it note stayed on my desk and I’d read it every so often, thinking how it would FEEL to be secure about the company’s future.

How it would FEEL to work with people who treated one another with respect.

How it would FEEL to know I can ask a coworker a question and trust that they knew the answer because of their knowledge and I can learn from them.

How it would FEEL to be able to be home in the morning to help get my child to school and/or be home in the afternoon to be more available for him.

I pretty much forgot about that post-it and saw it on my desk from time to time. Then, I’d think – ooh, that would be so awesome.

I’d feel free.

I’d feel confident.

I’d feel secure.

I’d be growing because I’m learning.

I’d feel that I had an abundance of time.

Early 2018, I was still desiring a new job and had been working at the same company for 13 years. I knew in my heart it was time for me to leave, that I was meant for more, and no longer an energetic match for the job and culture.  I didn’t have the courage to climb out of my hole and make a change. So, the Universe decided for me – the company eliminated my position and I was free.

I took some time to work on my coaching business and stayed at home. It was the first break from work i’d had since I was 21 and began my career. My family was very supportive, which helped immensely. In early 2019, I knew it was time to get a corporate job and a steady income. I sent my resume here and there and didn’t really give it 100% effort.

In March 2019, a man messaged me on LinkedIn. He was friends with one of my contacts and asked if I’d be interested in selling insurance. I replied no thank you and that i’d share the opening with my contacts. He asked if i was interested in a wellness consultant or account manager roles. The wellness consultant position piqued my interest as it was much more aligned to my gifts as a life coach.

I interviewed later that week and didn’t even get my thank you notes out before they scheduled a 2nd interview with me. During the interview, I met with two women from the team who were super nice, asked me questions, seemed interested in me. I left feeling really good about it. I had the 2nd interview and they called to let me know I’d be getting an offer.  

I took the job. You know what? The company IS financially stable.

The people are kind, helpful and really, really smart.

My salary met my needs and there was a plan with goals to grow my salary by additional 40% over the following year and a half.

I was at clients much of the time and after meetings, I worked from home, prior to COVID.

Now I work from home 4 days a week.

Remember my post-it?

I am so very grateful to work at a successful, financially stable company with kind, smart people, earning a good salary, while having a flexible schedule.

At the time, my friend suggested I was settling by going back to the corporate world and not giving entrepreneurship enough of a chance. I HAD to take this job because I truly manifested it. This opportunity came out of nowhere and dropped in my lap.

Manifesting is a practice. It doesn’t have to be manic. Sometimes you can write it on a post-it, read it every now and again and forget about it.

Hand the details or surrender to God/the Universe.

Trust that God/the Universe/Source/Spirit is always taking care of you. 

And see what exciting opportunities drop in your lap.

What are YOU manifesting?  Comment below – I’d love to know.

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