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Transform your life into one of purpose and fulfillment, while still being your authentic self

Truth be told…

Have you had any of these thoughts lately?

If I’ve done all the things I set out to do why do I feel unfulfilled?

I don’t know who I am, what I stand for, or what makes me happy.

I want to feel like I’m adding value to another person’s life, the world, my community.

I don’t have any special qualities that set me apart from every other woman I know.

Imagine if


You felt fulfilled, free and proud of your accomplishments


You kept growing mentally and spiritually every day


You actually enjoyed your life and had fun


Making time for yourself and your priorities was actually easy

I’m here to help you

When working with me, I help you gain clarity as to what is getting in your way of living a fulfilling life.

I’ll break down the scary and overwhelming mountains into feasible, achievable steps, so you’re set up for success.

And I’ll keep you accountable along the way.

Hi, I’m Amy!

I help unfulfilled women who aren’t living up to their true potential live a more meaningful life.  They will feel seen, heard, understood, inspired, confident and ready to live their life on purpose.

3 ways I can help

3 Months Support

Set your goal(s) and create a path to set you up for success and accomplish your goals.

1 Month Support

Stay accountable and accomplish your goals.

1 week support

Gain clarity on a decision that’s been weighing on you.

How it works


We’ll have a consult call to discuss the situation in general.


If we both feel we’re a fit to work together, we’ll discuss package options and timing that are right for you.


Upon payment you’ll receive a contract that details our work together.  

And away we go!

What clients are saying

Amy was instrumental in giving me the nudge and confidence that I needed to start my business. I had been rattling an idea for months/years and just talking about it, but I just couldn’t get myself to do it. Turns out I was scared, it felt like I was naked. Amy listened to me, explained my roadblock. She let me know that it was ok to feel like that and it was completely NORMAL. I closed my eyes and took the plunge! I am now open for business, got my website done (she gave awesome feedback on that too) and now am working on getting the word out and landing my 1st client soon.

Thank you Amy, like Nike says, “just do it!”


This month was a struggle falling in a funk. I knew my coaching call with @amylstout would pick me back up. Amy is a great listener and knows how to dig to find your passions and light the fire within you 🔥. Your help, guidance and encouragement helps keep me calm and clear just like my happy place 🙏❤️. If you have a lot of dots to connect and/or feel overwhelmed with little or large obstacles and looking for spiritual guidance, @amylstout is YOUR lady!! Love ya Amy!! Thank you for all you do 💕🙏😘

Amy Stout has been amazing and she is a wonderful life coach! I have worked with her several times, and she has always been extremely warm, kind, and supportive. Our first conversation, I was filled with thoughts and concerns. She listened with patience and was genuinely interested in what I had to say and she opened my eyes and helped me see things I hadn’t before. We discussed my current situation, goals, and interests and what is preventing me from achieving my goals. From there we created a game plan and she suggested opportunities that I never thought of previously.

She was filled with great insight and advice and really left me feeling motivated moving forward. I am truly impressed with her dedication to my success and happiness. Since, she has checked in several times to ensure I was staying on track and maintaining my excitement and incentive.

Given my positive experience, I find that Amy is an incredible Life Coach and mentor! Definitely pay attention to her, because she can be just as helpful for you as well!


Let’s talk!

Gain clarity and insight on your unique gifts to you can make an impact and add joy to your life.