About Me

At the age of 40, I reflected on my life and thought, ‘This is it?!?!’

I’d done all the ‘life’ things and checked the boxes:
Married a wonderful man who makes me laugh every day
Had a healthy child that I adored
Was working a job that I enjoyed

Why did I feel unfulfilled? Restless? Like I wasn’t truly living the life I was meant to live?

Fast forward 10 years, still married to the same wonderful, funny man; my child was growing up way too fast and I was still at the same job, which I enjoyed much less.

I’d outgrown my job and company. I was longing to do something with my life that filled my soul. Still feeling unfulfilled and restless I realized I wasn’t listening to that voice in my head saying ‘I’m meant for more than this.’

I’d been traveling down a spiritual path a few years and discovering much about myself and what my soul needed.

I took the time to go inside and ask myself questions.

To go deep and learn who I am and what I stand for.

Those were hard questions because, at 50, I was still hesitant to answer those questions truthfully for ME instead of how I thought they should be answered or how others expected me to answer them.

I let my authentic self be seen.
I used my voice to say how I wanted to spend my time.
I became intentional with my time – taking more time for me, instead of pleasing everyone else first.
If something or someone wasn’t an energetic match, I let it fall away.
I surrounded myself with situations and people that were an energetic match.

During this time, I became more clear on my unique gifts and how I could utilize them to fill my soul.
To help other women in the same situation I had been in.
I didn’t want another woman to lose 10 years before prioritizing herself and living a life that fills her soul.

Fun facts about me:


I’m a huge animal lover


My happy place is at the lake


I love to laugh every day and find humor in most things


I’m a lifelong learner and love all things zen and mystic

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