Live your Life on Purpose

Get clear on your unique gifts and purpose so you can make an impact and live a more meaningful life.

Let’s be honest

Life is too short to continue to be stuck in an unfulfilled life, not having a sense of purpose or direction.

You can reach your goals by yourself, or you can save time working with me.

I’ll keep you accountable so you stay on track.

You’ll be empowered, confident and experience more joy in your life.


I don’t want you to lose any more time. I lost over 10 years being stuck and not knowing how to move forward.

I’m here to break down the overwhelming steps of change into achievable baby steps to set you up for success.

I am the person I needed 10+ years ago here to help you!

Hi, I’m Amy!

I help unfulfilled women who aren’t living up to their true potential live a more meaningful life.  They will feel seen, heard, understood, inspired, confident and ready to live their life on purpose.

I’m a lifelong learner and student of several spiritual leaders.    Dr Wayne W. Dyer taught me how to open up to the Universe and trust the power within it.

Marianne Williamson showed me how to truly surrender to the Universe.  As a student of A Course in Miracles, I believe only love is real.  With the pandemic and so much divisiveness in the world, I was inspired to create the Lead with Love series.

From Louise Hay I learned how to love myself and the power of affirmation.

Gabby Bernstein taught me there is no destination in life; it’s a journey.  Be aware of my feelings.  Be grateful for all that comes my way.  I am a Spirit Junkie Masterclass Alumni.

Rebecca Campbell demonstrated the absolute beauty, deep love and sacredness of sisterhood and our energy during her Rise Sister Rise four day retreat.

Danielle LaPorte helped me to shift my desires into feelings I can describe with her Core Desired Feelings so I could focus on how I’d feel after realizing my desires.  This influenced my birthing of Routine to Radiant 4 week online program.

I am also a member of Danielle LaPorte’s Heart Centered program and Affiliate.

3 ways I can help

3 Months Support

Set your goal(s) and create a path to set you up for success and accomplish your goals

1 Month Support

Stay accountable and accomplish your goals

1 week support

Gain clarity on a decision that’s weighing on you

Let’s work together

Feel inspired and ready to take the next step to accomplishing your goals

You’ll feel inspired and motivated.

You’ll feel fulfilled.

You’ll have a more positive mindset.

How it works

Step 1

We get clear on your desired goals and what’s holding you back. I poke holes in those blocks and teach you how to cultivate a successful mindset.

Step 2

I break down your goals into achievable steps

Step 3

I keep you accountable in taking the steps so you can stay on path

I am someone who has a lot of creative ideas, but until I started having coaching sessions with Amy I was never able to follow-through on any of them. My sessions with Amy provide me the support, encouragement and confidence I need to get out of my own way and keep moving forward. She keeps track of details and hold me accountable in the ways that work best for me. She checks in between sessions and sends me resources that help me when I need them. She reminds me of my goals so I don’t lose sight of what I’m working toward. Amy was born to do this type of work and I feel such deep gratitude for everything she has helped me to accomplish in such a short time.

It was so great to talk to Amy, she’s so great at what she’s doing. I walk away inspired!

Let’s talk!

Gain clarity and insight on your unique gifts so you can make an impact and add joy to your life.